Sahara Issue: “Obvious Progress” Achieved Thanks to Strategic Vision of HM the King – Mauritanian Academic

The Sahara issue has made “obvious progress” thanks to the strategic vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, said Monday Mauritanian expert and academic Mustapha El Fati.

“The Sahara issue has made obvious progress thanks to the strategic vision of HM King Mohammed VI,” which has also enabled the return in force of Morocco to the African Union and the strengthening of the presence of the Kingdom in regional and international forums, El Fati, who also specializes in security strategies in the Sahel and Sahara region, told MAP.

The autonomy proposal is the materialization of this vision, as it offers “the most effective way to resolve the Sahara conflict,” he said, noting that this proposal has been strongly welcomed by the most influential countries on the international scene.

According to El Fati, the recognition by the United States of Morocco’s full sovereignty over the Sahara – a great strategic success for the Kingdom- is part of this line, and comes after Washington’s support for the Moroccan initiative, applauded as a “serious, realistic and credible” solution by the UN Security Council.

Today, Morocco has consolidated its position as an “influential regional and international power,” the expert said, stressing that this presence “has played a major role in changing the situation and taking a new direction for the Sahara issue.”

The influential countries and the international community believe that Morocco is “serious in its efforts to resolve this dispute, and thus ensure security, development and stability in the region,” he said.

El Fati also highlighted the development experienced by the Southern regions at different levels and in various fields, which has been of great benefit to the people of this region and contributed to improving their living conditions.

The Mauritanian academic added that HM King Mohammed VI has explicitly stated that recent developments do not change in any way Morocco’s commitment to supporting the Palestinian cause, and in no way affect the right of the Palestinian people to recover their legitimate rights.

HM the King, in his capacity as Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, plays a “major role” in bridging the gap between the Palestinian groups, repeatedly calling on them to unite their efforts and promote a sincere reconciliation, to strengthen the Palestinian cause, the expert concluded.

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