The Russian Bear Brigade: Russia’s New Military Influence in Africa


The French newspaper “Le Monde” reported that Russia has strengthened its military presence in Africa with the Bear Brigade, complementing the roles of units such as the Wagner Group. According to the newspaper, elements of this brigade have noticeably appeared in Burkina Faso since Ibrahim Traoré took power on October 30, 2022, becoming the new president of the country.

This development reflects Russia’s strategy to increase its military and political influence on the African continent, which is experiencing growing competition among global powers. The Bear Brigade, known for its efficiency and professionalism, aims to provide security support to governments allied with Moscow, thereby enhancing Russia’s ability to influence the internal policies of these countries.

Le Monde mentioned that the presence of the Bear Brigade in Burkina Faso comes at a critical time, as the country suffers from political and security instability. Through this brigade, Russia is working to provide assistance in combating armed groups, thereby strengthening its relations with local authorities and increasing their dependence on Russian support.

Moreover, the presence of the Bear Brigade helps improve Russia’s image as a reliable ally in Africa, as the influence of Western powers in the region wanes. With increasing security and economic challenges facing African countries, cooperation with Russia is becoming an attractive option for many governments.

In conclusion, the Russian Bear Brigade represents a new strategic step in the expansion of Russian influence in Africa and reflects Moscow’s commitment to strengthening its role as a major player on the international stage by supporting its allies and confronting common challenges.

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