British Parliamentarians Call for Support of the Autonomy Plan in Western Sahara

British Parliamentarians Call for Support of the Autonomy Plan in Western Sahara



In a new step reflecting positive diplomatic shifts regarding the issue of Western Sahara, several British parliamentarians have called on the UK government to explicitly support the autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom of Morocco as a lasting solution to the conflict in the region.

During a recent parliamentary session, several MPs from various political parties expressed their support for the Moroccan initiative, considering it a realistic and practical solution that could bring peace and stability to the region. The parliamentarians praised the efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco to achieve economic and social development in the southern provinces, affirming that autonomy could be an effective means to bolster these efforts.

Labour MP John Smith stated in his speech: “The autonomy plan proposed by Morocco represents a serious and responsible solution that aligns with democratic principles and fundamental rights. We call on the British government to strongly support it and to work on enhancing relations with Morocco in this context.”

For his part, Conservative MP David Jones affirmed that “Morocco has shown a clear commitment to peace and development in Western Sahara, and the autonomy plan constitutes a practical framework for achieving these goals. The UK should play a larger role in supporting this solution and work on strengthening the partnership with Morocco.”

This British parliamentary support comes at a time when international voices endorsing the autonomy plan are increasing, especially after the US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara in December 2020. These movements are expected to bolster Morocco’s position on the international stage and support its efforts to achieve a peaceful and sustainable resolution to the conflict.

It is worth noting that the Moroccan autonomy plan enjoys broad support from the international community as a fair and credible solution, allowing the inhabitants of Western Sahara to manage their affairs democratically within the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco.

This development in the British stance represents a significant boost to Moroccan efforts and opens new prospects for strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields, including economic and security cooperation.

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