Another Humanitarian Tragedy in the Algerian Desert with the Death of 12 Syrians from Thirst


In a new painful tragedy that reflects the inhumanity of the current military regime in Algeria, 12 Syrians died of thirst in the Algerian desert while trying to reach Europe in pursuit of their asylum dream. The “Ghouth Association for Search and Rescue” in the city of Tamanrasset, Algeria, published a list of the victims’ names, including their birth details and the names of their fathers and mothers. The association explained that the victims, who were retrieved from the Bilgabor area, were all males, including children and relatives.

The association called on the victims’ families to contact the morgue at Bordj Omar Driss Hospital in Illizi Province to claim their bodies. Among the victims was a young child, 10 years old, according to his passport photo published by journalist Zawi Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, showing the child’s name as “Mondher Muhimad,” born in 2014.

The data published by the association showed that some of the victims were very young, with the list including births from 2003, 2006, and 2008. Some close associates posted pictures and videos showing the victims’ bodies in the desert, increasing the magnitude of the tragedy and the public’s reaction to it.

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