Hajj 1444: HM the King Urges Moroccan Pilgrims to Be Worthy Ambassadors of Homeland Standard-Bearers of Age-Old Civilization Identity

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, may God assist Him, has called on Moroccan pilgrims to be worthy ambassadors of their homeland, and standard-bearers of its age-old civilization and identity, exemplified by attachment to the values of openness and tolerance, and to refrain from all polemics and grounds for discord.

In a message addressed on Friday to Moroccan pilgrims bound for the Holy Places of Islam in the year 1444 A.H., the Sovereign also urged Moroccan pilgrims to be worthy representatives of their religion at this sublime rendezvous, by displaying an attitude and conduct “which epitomize Islamic fraternity, moderation in matters relating to faith as well as conduct, and rejection of all manifestations of radicalism, extremism or any cause of discord or strife.”

HM the King, Commander of the Faithful, also urged pilgrims, in the message, which was read out by the Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Toufiq, on the occasion of the departure of the first contingent of pilgrims from Rabat-Salé airport, to show piety, “since there is no better provision for this journey than devoutness.”

The Sovereign also asked Moroccan pilgrims to show exemplary morality during this grandiose gathering, where Muslims are obliged to bear in mind two fundamental and complementary truths: their proclamation of faith in the Oneness of God the Most High, and their desire to illustrate their unity and unanimous adherence to God’s unshakeable Law.”

The Sovereign emphasized that in Islam, pilgrimage symbolizes the equality of the faithful who, on the occasion of the Hajj, find themselves gathered in a single place: the Sacred Kaaba, Mina and Arafat, wearing the same emblematic cloth of Ihram (the solemn entry into the sacred universe of the Hajj) and blending in with one another without any distinction of title or status.

HM the King also reminded pilgrims that their stay in the Holy Places requires the utmost discipline and the most sincere observance of the obligations and canonical rules of pilgrimage.

In this respect, the Sovereign expressed his full certainty that pilgrims have duly prepared themselves for this spiritual undertaking by imbibing the teachings dispensed by our honorable ulemas, men and women, under the aegis of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, and with the commitment of Our Minister of Awqaf.

HM the King likewise urged Moroccan pilgrims to devote all their time, wherever they may be, to invoking God and imploring His forgiveness, to multiplying acts of devotion to enter into the Lord’s good graces, to demonstrating moral elevation to transcend all kinds of trivialities, and to refraining from any antagonism likely to incline them to transgressive behavior.

“Therefore, do make sure – honorable pilgrims – to perform your rituals in compliance with the teachings of your religion. Remember to praise and glorify Almighty God, with sincere reverence for Him, so that you may achieve the ultimate goal of pilgrimage, which is to obtain forgiveness and the utmost reward promised by the Almighty, as indicated by Prophet Muhammad – may peace and blessings be upon Him”, said the Sovereign.

HM the King, Commander of the Faithful, invited pilgrims to comply strictly with the measures taken by the authorities concerned in our sister nation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “so as to receive the guests of the Almighty in the best conditions. The aim is to make sure the Hajj season proceeds as expected, in a climate of discipline, security and safety, and in accordance with the instructions given by my venerable brother, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, Sovereign of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – may God grant him good health and a long life. May the Almighty grant him the support of my revered brother, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers – may God grant him success and a long life.”

The Sovereign took this opportunity to express His deep consideration and to warmly welcome the fraternal relations that bind the two Kingdoms and the two brotherly peoples.

HM the King called on Moroccan pilgrims to “remember your obligation to pray for your King, who attends to your safety and to the security of our homeland. Pray that Almighty God grant him His assistance and ensure the success of the development initiatives he is spearheading, as well as his untiring endeavors to preserve Morocco’s sovereignty and unity. Pray that our beloved country remain a pioneer in achieving a dignified life for our citizens, and a staunch ally for Moslem and African sister nations for the achievement of their progress and the consolidation of their unity.”

“Implore the Almighty that I see only such things as please the eye and delight the heart from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, and all members of the Royal Family. Pray that God may grant forgiveness to, and be satisfied with, my venerated grandfather and with my revered father, Their Majesties King Mohammed V and King Hassan II – May God bless their souls, and reward them for all they did to liberate the nation, build the Moroccan State and preserve its unity.”, emphasized the Sovereign.

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