Morocco Is African Leader in Renewable Energies, Says AU Senior Official

There are major energy efficiency programs in the pipeline in Morocco, Abou Zeid told MAP news agency on the sidelines of her participation in the MEDays International Forum, noting that the Kingdom began developing clean energy programs in 2009 and 2010, “well before the energy crises the world is currently experiencing.”

Today, renewable energies account for almost 50% of the Moroccan energy mix, she added.

In Africa, almost 8 countries are already producing green hydrogen, while 4 countries are in the process of developing sustainable aircraft fuel, she said, noting that Africa also has countries that now depend on renewable energies for up to 80% of their energy needs.

The AU senior official said that, despite these achievements, the demographic growth of the African continent calls for intensified efforts to boost energy security.

Aldar: map

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