Sahara: American Decision “Historic” Step on Way to Settlement of Deadlocked Conflict

The recognition by the United States of the full sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara constitutes a “historic step” on the way to the settlement of a deadlocked conflict, says former Italian deputy Khalid Chaouki.

A historic step which, after decades of unsuccessful negotiations with the Polisario Front, pushed President Donald Trump to recognize Morocco’s historical reasons and the pragmatic solution revived by Moroccan diplomacy of the “Region with strong autonomy” for the Sahara within the framework of the sovereignty of Morocco, underlines Chaouki in an article published in the Italian magazine of political analysis “Formiche”.

This change is the “fruit of at least three years of work and debate between Rabat and the White House”, notes the former Italian parliamentarian of Moroccan origin, in this analysis under the title “Morocco, USA and Israel. Why is it right to speak of a historic turning point?”

According to Khalid Chaouki, the Sahara issue has shown in recent weeks elements of “great concern” due to the violation by the Polisario militias of the peace agreement, signed under the UN aegis, by the blocking of the strategic crossing of El Guergarat.

He added that this action, which is illegal and provocative, certainly contributed to show the great international observers the nature of the formation of the Polisario Front, a group of militiamen that have for a long time exploited the conditions of a minority of Sahrawis by keeping them captive in the Tindouf camps behind the flag of instrumental demands and without any prospect of development for the region and for generations of Sahrawis.

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