Reducing 45% of Documents Required in Investment Field Will Contribute to Improving Business Climate

The reduction of 45% of documents required from investors, following the simplification and digitization of 22 administrative decisions, will help improve the investment climate in Morocco, said Thursday in Rabat, Minister of Digital Transition and Administration Reform, Ghita Mezzour.

In response to a question at a press briefing following the Council of Government’s meeting, Mezzour said that this measure, which comes in implementation of the high royal instructions contained in the speech of HM King Mohammed VI at the opening of the 1st session of the 2nd legislative year of the 11th legislature, will have a positive impact on investment, which is “an engine of socio-economic growth and job creation for youth and Moroccans in general.”

The simplification process “reflects the great importance attached by the government to the field of investment,” she noted, stressing that the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform is keen to ensure the implementation of these procedures by organizing “training in all regions to meet with officials and clarify these simplifications and their application”.

She added that this field work will continue to ensure the implementation of these measures and facilitate the daily life of citizens.

The national commission for the simplification of administrative procedures and formalities which held its third meeting on February 20, had decided to simplify and digitize 22 administrative procedures via the electronic platform “CRI invest”, thus, reducing by 45% the documents required for investors, 60% of the documents required for the admissibility of investment projects, as well as 50% of the documents required for land mobilization, 33% of the documents required for construction permits and 45% of the documents required for business licenses.


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