Gov’t Chief : Implementation of Amazigh Language Official Character Requires Mobilization of Necessary Financial Resources

The implementation of the official character of the Amazigh language requires the mobilization of financial resources necessary for the realization of such an ambition, the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, said Tuesday in Khemisset.

Speaking at the launch ceremony of projects to strengthen the use of the Amazigh language in public administration, Akhannouch stressed that “the political will to move forward in the activation of this project would be insufficient without mobilizing financial resources to translate this ambition into reality.”

He recalled in this regard that the executive has devoted to this effect nearly 200 million dirhams during the year 2022 and 300 million dirhams under the 2023 Finance Act, an amount that will be increased to 1 billion dirhams by 2025.

These efforts, he said, have enabled the implementation of the roadmap for this project, which provides 25 measures on areas related to the administration, public services, education, justice, culture and audiovisual media. Among the measures that have already seen the light of day, Akhannouch cited the assignment of agents responsible for the reception and orientation of Amazigh-speaking users (Tachalhet, Tamazight and Tarifet), the facilitation of access to courts and primary health care facilities as well as to structures under the Ministry of Culture, Communication and Youth.

The head of government also cited the assignment of agents in charge of the telephone reception in Amazigh language in several centers under certain departments and public institutions that experience a large influx of users, with a view to generalize this experience.



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