Family Code: CSPJ Presents its Views and Proposals

“We have noted a series of shortcomings in the Family Code, for which we call on the legislative mechanism to intervene and resolve them”, stressed Mounir El Mountassir Billah, secretary general of the CSPJ, in a statement to the press at the end of the meeting with the body, noting that several issues had not been addressed by the legal texts.

“By virtue of the prerogatives exercised in the Kingdom’s courts, we have sought the opinions of all the components of the Moroccan judicial system, who have identified all the problems and constraints that prevent proper implementation of the Family Code”, he added, specifying that these points have been presented to the body so that it can take them into account in the new draft of this text.

The secretary general of the CSPJ also expressed his gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for opening up this large-scale societal project, which will enable Morocco’s legal arsenal to be fine-tuned, praising the participatory approach adopted by the body in charge of revising the Family Code.

This meeting is part of the consultations carried out by the body with the various players concerned, in accordance with the content of the Royal Letter addressed to the Head of Government for the revision of the Family Code.

In this Royal Letter, HM King Mohammed VI affirmed the need to revisit the Family Code, which has had the immense advantage of stimulating a virtuous dynamic of change and establishing a new conception of equality and family balance, thus paving the way for considerable social progress, in order to overcome the inadequacies and imbalances that the experience of its judicial implementation has revealed.

The Sovereign stressed that the provisions of the Family Code must be “consistent with the evolution of Moroccan society and the requirements of sustainable development,” noting that the new version will be thus “compatible with the progress made in our national legislation”.

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