Al Haouz Earthquake: Students in Ouarzazate Province Resume Classes

To ensure a return to normality, local authorities, in coordination with the Ouarzazate provincial education delegation, have mobilized to relaunch the educational process in the nine communes concerned, and thus ensure the smooth running of the 2023-2024 school year.

A technical committee had previously inspected the damage to schools and recommended the evacuation of the Inmiter school in the Telouet commune, following the collapse of two classrooms.

The 45 pupils of the Inmiter school, which belongs to the Abdellah Ben Yassine school group, resumed classes on Monday in a large tent set up near their school by the Ouarzazate provincial authorities, in order to continue their education in safe conditions.

The classrooms were equipped with tables, chairs and all the teaching aids required by the pupils.

In a statement to MAP, the provincial director of Education, Youssef Bouras, said that the transfer of pupils from this school to the Inmiter school, where several classrooms had been damaged, was a temporary alternative aimed at ensuring educational continuity for the benefit of pupils.

Commenting on the efforts made to set up and secure this temporary learning space, Bouras praised the mobilization and diligence of the provincial authorities in coordination with the regional directorate of education, which enabled students to resume classes under optimal conditions.

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