Mauritania Welcomes Morocco’s Great Efforts in Reconciling Positions of Libyan Parties

Mauritania welcomed the great efforts made by Morocco to reconcile the positions of the various Libyan parties.

In a statement, the Mauritanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Mauritanians Abroad said it had “welcomed the news that the members of the joint commission mandated by the House of Representatives and the Libyan High Council of State (6+6) have reached an agreement, during negotiations held in Bouznika, Morocco, on the laws governing the presidential and legislative elections scheduled for the end of this year in Libya.”

The same source added that “the Mauritanian government commends the great efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco to reconcile the views of the various Libyan parties in order to reach this important agreement, which paves the way for the establishment of the necessary conditions for the completion of the Libyan electoral process in the best possible conditions and in a consensual and participatory manner.”

According to the statement, the Mauritanian government reiterated “its full support and recognition for all Arab, African and international efforts aimed at finding a definitive solution to the crisis in this brotherly country, in a way that preserves its unity, national interests and independence, lays the foundations for peace and security throughout its territory and guarantees a decent life and comprehensive development for its people.”

On Tuesday evening, the “6+6” Joint Commission announced that its members had reached a compromise on the laws governing the presidential and legislative elections after two weeks of meetings in Morocco.

The Bouznika meeting is a continuation of the series of meetings hosted by the Kingdom to bring together the various Libyan parties to deepen the dialogue on the ways and means of resolving the crisis in this country, following an approach that provides the ideal space for dialogue and constructive consultation.

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