Li Qiang Meets with ROK President Yoon Suk Yeol


On the afternoon of May 26 local time, Premier of the State Council LinQiang met with ROK President Yoon Suk Yeol on the margins of theninth Trilateral Summit Mecting among China, Japan and the ROK inScoul

Li Qiang noted that since China and the ROK established diplomatic tiesover 30-plus years ago, the bilateral relations have grown rapidlyCooperation in economy and trade has yielded fruitful outcomes, bringingtangible benefit to the two peoples. The two sides have followed mutualrespect, openness, inclusiveness and mutual benefit. These are valuablelessons that China and the ROK need to cherish and uphold over the longrun. We hope that the ROK can work with China to adhere to the overalldirection of friendship and mutual trust, respect each other’s core interestand major concerns and firmly be each other’s friendly neighbors whotrust each other and partners who succeed together for the sound, steadyand substantive growth of China-ROK relations.

Li Qiang stressed that China and the ROK have deeply intertwinedindustrial and supply chains. Our trade and economic cooperation has asolid foundation and great potential. The two sides need to join hands toexplore new cooperation areas, expand the scope of cooperation, seizemore development opportunities, reject turning trade and economic issuesinto political and security issues, and keep the industrial and supplychains of the two countries and the wider world stable and smooth. Chinastands ready to work with the ROK to speed up the second phase ofChina-ROK free trade agreement negotiations on a practical and balancedbasis, and advance the building of the China-ROK (Changchun)International Cooperation Demonstration Zone. We look to working withthe ROK to enhance cooperation in such areas as high-end manufacturing,new energy, artificial intelligence and bio-medicine. China will furtherease market access, provide better service for foreign investment andcontinue to foster a market-oriented, law-based and internationalizedbusiness environment. More businesses from the ROK are welcome toinvest and do business in China. The two sides need to have activesub-national, education, sports, media and youth exchanges, and furtherfacilitate mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.China stands ready to work with the ROK to strengthen communicationand coordination on the multilateral front and work for peacefuldevelopment of the region and the world.

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