Biden Signs Executive Orders for US to Rejoin Paris Climate Accord, WHO

US President Joe Biden has signed executive orders to rejoin the United States to the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“I’m gonna send while you’re all here is the commitment I made that we’re going to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord as of today,” Biden said on Wednesday.

Former President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the WHO and the Paris Climate Accord during his time in office.

Biden also signed executive orders to halt the construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border and to terminate the so-called “Muslim travel ban” imposed by the Trump administration.

Biden also signed an executive order mandating the US public to wear a face mask and practice social distancing on federal property.

Biden signed 17 executive orders overall to undo some of the Trump administration’s policies, including to halt the Keystone XL pipeline and to revoke oil and gas development on federal wildlife lands.

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