Treasury : Customs Revenues Increase by 18.6% in 2022

Net customs revenues reached 84.04 billion dirhams at the end of December 2022, up 18.6% compared to the same period a year earlier, according to the Kingdom’s General Treasury (TGR).

These revenues take into account refunds, rebates and tax refunds of 239 million dirhams, said the TGR in its recent monthly bulletin of public finance statistics (BMSFP), noting that gross customs revenues have increased by 18.7% to 84 MMDH.

In detail, net revenues from customs duties reached more than 13.8 billion dirhams, up 16.7%, while net revenues from value added tax (VAT) on imports rose by 28.5% to 54.44 billion dirhams.

In addition, VAT on energy products increased by 73.9% and that on other products by 19.3%.

Regarding the net revenues of the domestic consumption tax on energy products, they have declined by 5.4% to 15.79 billion dirhams, taking into account refunds, rebates and tax refunds of 172 million dirhams.

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